Originally conceived as a solo, primarily-ambient project by vocalist and lyricist James, Mutes released their eponymous debut EP in 2014. Things took a decidedly noisier turn with the release of Starvation Age in 2015, a full-band release that embraced the groups love of noise-rock and psychedelia. The group released their debut album No Desire in 2017 through independent label FOMA, celebrated by the likes of DIY Magazine and The Line of Best Fit.

Championed by BBC Radio 6, their second studio album Pareidolia was released in 2019, while 2021 saw the release of Dreams of Being Cornered, their third and most fully-realised record yet, which saw Mutes capture the ferocity of their live show with urgent guitar freak-outs sitting alongside wondrous synth textures and vocal melodies with calculated ease.

Recorded almost entirely live as a three-piece with Mark Gittins at Megatone Studios, their fourth studio album is released May 17th 2024, their most raw, engrossing record to date.

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