Pale Wizard Records release 50 year anniversary tribute to Sparks with ‘Kimono My House – 50 Years Later’

Featuring Phoxjaw, Krooked Tongue, Tony Reed, Sergeant Thunderhoof, Besvärjelsen and many more.

Sparks first became a household name in the UK in 1974 when their iconic song ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us’ hit number two in the singles chart. Their Top of the Pops BBC TV performance of the song is remembered vividly by everyone who saw it, bringing brothers Ron and Russell Mael into the front rooms of millions across the country that evening.

After two attempts of making it big in the early 70s with Bearsville Records albums ‘Sparks’ and ‘A Woofer in Tweeter’s Clothing’, Ron and Russell Mael ditched the rest of the first Sparks lineup and moved to London. It was there that they signed to Island Records and recruited a new lineup that struck gold at the first time of asking with ‘Kimono My House’.

Chock full of witty but complex lyrics, sparkling guitars from Adrian Fisher and complimented perfectly by the rhythm section of Dinky Diamond and Martin Gordon, ‘Kimono My House’, is rightly heralded as a legendary ‘glam’ rock album. However, it’s the sheer quality of the songwriting, largely from Ron Mael and the soaring vocal performance of Russell Mael that surely ensures Kimono My House is heralded not only as a fan favourite Sparks album but also as one of the very best albums of the entire decade.

Now, on the 1st of May 2024 Kimono My House turns 50 and Pale Wizard Records pays tribute to this most special of albums the best way they know how. Presenting ‘Sparks – Kimono My House – 50 Years Later’. The whole album re-imagined by a roster of great rock bands from around the world, including tracks from Phoxjaw, Krooked Tongue, Sergeant Thunderhoof and more.

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